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Award categories

One winner will be selected from each sub-category below:

Industry Categories:

Manufacturing: A&D, Automotive, High Tech, Industrial Machinery, Industrial Manufacturing

Consumer Industries: Fashion, F&B, Retail, Wholesale Distribution

Service Industries: Construction, Equipment, Financial Services, Logistics, Professional Services

Public Sector: Defense, Federal Government, K-12 Education, State and Local, Transit


Energy & Resources: Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Utilities

Hospitality: Gaming, Hotel & Resorts, Restaurants & Food Services


Role-Based Categories:

CIO of the Year

Cloud Architect of the Year

Chief Data Officer of the Year

Special 2020 Award Category:

Innovation in the Time of COVID-19

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Nomination entry

Please complete this form in English and provide as much detail as possible about the project or strategic initiative you’re highlighting for your organization or a member of your organization. If you have questions, please contact your Account Team or

Nominee organization representative

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Organizational details

State the name of the organization, division, or subsidiary name within which the project nominated was initiated. (200 characters remaining)

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Project details

Step one is to describe what life was like before this project was started. What business requirements motivated the need for this project? Describe the challenges/goals that triggered its inception.

Bullet points are fine but be as descriptive as you can.(2500 characters remaining)

What did your organization achieve as a result of this project? Include as many metrics as possible.

Examples include: Increased productivity by X. Decreased errors by X. Reduced operational costs by X. Added X new capabilities. Click here to review more example metrics and themes to focus on in the Resource Appendix of the ‘Submission Guide’.(2500 characters remaining)

When did the project start and end? Were there multiple stages to the project? Is the project complete now? (2500 characters remaining)

Which department(s) were involved/impacted? How? Is there anyone you would like to recognize that made a positive impact on this project? Was there any executive sponsorship of the project? (If you are submitting a nomination for CIO, Cloud Architect, or Chief Data Officer of the Year, please specify that person’s impact, and/or others who made an impact.) (2500 characters remaining)

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